Thursday, November 18, 2010


ZOMG (what does that even mean?) I am enamored with Thanksgiving.  Like, I am in deep, passionate love with everything Thanksgiving.  Why do I love Thanksgiving so much?  Let me count the ways...

  • I love Turkey (so much that it's capitalized).  I'm not talking about the country (though I heard it's pretty amazeballs as well), I'm talking about the big, tender, juicy bird that belongs to the genus Meleagris. (thank you Wikipedia) I find it incredibly delicious and it just tickles my taste buds.
  • I love mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn bread, salad, gravy and all other Thanksgiving related side dishes.  
  • I love that a traditional Thanksgiving with my family involves us eating relatively early, playing games for hours, and then eating again.  and again and again and again.  
  • I love that turkey makes people have crazy dreams.
  • I love that Thanksgiving is the gateway to Christmas and I love Christmas only .0000000012 less than Thanksgiving.  
  • I love Thanksgiving more than cupcakes, sneezing, Anderson Cooper, naps, Sailor Jerry rum, and unicycles.
So yeah, it's safe to say that Thanksgiving and I have a little thing going on.  I won't say for sure, but I may or may not tear up every time I think about being abroad for another Thanksgiving.  My love for this holiday is a badly kept secret (go figure) and Mama Staudinger just so happened to pack a suitcase full of spices and deliciousness that we'd need to prepare our very own Korean Thanksgiving meal.

My lovely mother even sent me a little hand sewn table place setting for my birthday.
Beautiful, non?
I know that we still have a week until it's technically Thanksgiving but I just couldn't wait that long and Chris's mom leaves on Monday SOOOO we decided to go all out and last night we experienced one pretty damn delicious Thanksgiving meal. 

Mama Staudinger even brought over these napkins for us!

The man of the house carving our delicious birdies.

Mama Staudinger.  The guest of honor and the person that made all of this possible.


Um, yeah.  It was awesome.  Magical even.  And although we didn't have turkey (it's harder to find than Bin Laden in this country), the chicken was just as delicious.  So there you have it, the BEST Thanksgiving that Korea has ever seen.


  1. For the record (in case you care), "ZOMG!" is just an emphatic "oh my gosh" in internet type. The extra Z is just supposed to look excited, like a 12 year old girl in love with the Backstreet Boys (but everybody knows 'N SYNC was waaaay better, ZOMG, isn't JC soooo cute?)


  2. Thank you!!! I'm such a literal person- especially when I read things. I pretty much sounded it out as "ZOOOOOOOMG"

    And yes, NSYNC was better! :)


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