The Expedition

Alright ladies and gents, this is something that we've been waiting to reveal for quite some time.  It's actually one of the main reasons I started the blog.  It's also why we came to Korea.  We came to have an adventure of a lifetime, and to also save up money for this grand expedition.  I'll let the beau explain it to you for himself...

Why do we write home?

I think with most of us there is a deep and primal urge to explore; the thrill of mystery compels us all.
Equal to that desire however is a need to also have community. We want as much to be with each other as we do to find what lies outside the known boundaries of our lives.

With letters we can mitigate those needs and find some middle ground.
This has been going on since the romantic days of sea travel.

This Spring, it will happen again, in full style.
I've been planning this journey for years. 
I've been obsessed with this quest for years.

In the Galapagos there is a spot that sailors have been using to store letters. Originally British, Dutch, and Spanish vessels would drop their letters on the island. Post Man Bay as it's come to be known didn't take long to become an international hot spot. Vessels would come and drop their mail off and pick up letters bound for their next port. When they arrived they would deliver them.
Today the tradition continues. When people visit the Galapagos they drop a letter into the barrel on Post Man bay and take one out to deliver by hand to someone near their home.

This spring Tawny and I are traveling to South America and out to the Galapagos by ship.
When we arrive we will go to Post Man Bay, claim a fist-full of letters and deliver them across the world.
As we go we will be taking the traditional modes of transportation unique to each country that would have been available during the time period when Post Man Bay was established.

 Join us for a journey around the world.
By ship.
By train.
By camel.

Across the globe delivering your stories.

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