Saturday, November 20, 2010


Ahhh samgyupsal... the literal translation actually means "three layers of fat" which is precisely what you get.  Think of a very thick bacon.  This delicious Korean treat has been one of the culinary highlights of Mama Staudinger's stay.  I have to admit that I really wasn't a fan of samgyupsal until we went to a restaurant called Bul-Jip.  They have a magical sauce that is to die for.  If it was possible to milk a unicorn and fuse it with angel tears it just might compare to whatever liquid crack they put in their sauce.  For shiz.

"So Tawny" you ask," How do you make the perfect bite of samgyupsal?"
Ah-hah.  I will show you. Step by step. 

Step 1.
Cook your meat to perfection.  Samgyupsal is something that you cook on your own.  I prefer my meat well done (as it should be since it's pork) and a little crispy.   Throw some pieces of garlic on the grill as well.  They'll be nice and ready by the time you're all set up.  You'll start with pieces of pork that look like this...

Step 2.
Prepare your sauce.  They wonderful staff at Bul Jip will give you a bowl full of the aforementioned sauce.  It's your job to put what you want in it.  Your choices are onions, green onions, and/or sprouts.  I like to go heavy on the onion and sprouts.

You'll also want to keep the kimchi nearby as you'll need if for the perfect bite.

Step 3.
Grab a lettuce leaf (the boy prefers sesame leaves) and put a little bit of red bean paste on it. 

Step 4.
Put on your blend of onions and sprouts that have been soaking in the sauce. 

Step 5.
Add your perfectly cooked piece of samgyupsal and a piece of garlic.  Throw some kimchi on top for good measure. 

Step 6.
Wrap everything up in the leaf and shove the whole thing in your mouth.  Attempt to look attractive while doing it.  I obviously fail.

I'm not the only one that loves this stuff.  We've taken all of our guests here and they've all loved it.  Add a little soju to the mix and you're in for quite the party. 

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