Thursday, December 30, 2010

La Casa de la Playa

So the boy and I were blessed with the amazing opportunity to stay a few days at La Casa de la Playa on the mystical island of Siquijor.   The place is amazeballs.  No joke.  Let me just start with the owners of this resort.  Terry and Emily have been business partners for over 16 years.  Terry is a German expat who was traveling the world with her girlfriend, Romy.  They decided to take some time off of work and see all that the world had to offer.  After exploring most of southeast Asia they decided it was time to spend a few weeks in the Philippines.  They spent time in Manila, Cebu and Bohol before stumbling upon Siquijor.  They had some trouble finding a place to stay and decided to walk along the beach to see if they could find some reasonable accommodation.  They eventually found Emily who agreed to let them stay in the only house that she had on the property. 

Emily singing a traditional Visayan Christmas song

Emily has grown up on the island and her family owns a significant amount of beachfront property.  She agreed to let Terry and Romy stay with her in the house thinking that it would only be for a week or two.  Well, after two weeks Terry and Romy were far from ready to leave.  They decided to extend their stay for another two weeks.  Those weeks flew by and they decided to stay just a little bit longer.  Weeks turned into months and months inevitably turned into years.  Sixteen years to be exact. 

They now have 12 bungalows on the property and have had guests stay from all over the globe.   There's a wonderful restaurant and they even provide guided tours around the island.  Double bonus because the restaurant boasts an assortment of both Filipino and German inspired dishes. Nom nom nom. 

I cannot even explain to you just how fabulous this resort is.  Not only is it relatively secluded and private, but the staff is so genuine and friendly and they all remember you by name.  It's like a tropical version of the tv show Cheers.  The staff even had a few performances for us on Christmas Eve.

You best believe that they boy and I videotaped the sheet out of this place.  Once we get everything uploaded I'll be sure to post the final product on here.  Until then, go online and book your stay at La Casa de la Playa.  Who knows?  You might never leave!

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