Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our Sunday. In Pictures.

So this weekend was pretty laid back.  Saturday we spent hanging out downtown and gorging ourselves on delicious food.  We also saw the movie "Social Network" which was surprisingly much better than I thought it would be.  I went into the theater with the preconceived notions that a movie about facebook couldn't possibly be very entertaining, but alas, it was.  I'd actually watch it again.

Today we woke up relatively early and set off for the traditional Korean folk village that we happened to stumble upon a few weeks ago.  We wanted to film a little piece about the place since it's so close to Yugang (our little borough)  and the oldest traditional village in Korea. 

I love watching Korean fathers play with their children.

A Jindo dog.  The traditional dog of Korea. 

Chris found a friend.

After our big outing, we headed back to good ol' Yugang for a little meet and greet party.  When we first moved to Korea there were only two other foreigners that lived in our area of Pohang.  In fact, it was so rare to see someone who wasn't Korean that when you did, you felt compelled to run up to them and talk to them.  It wasn't until February that we began to regularly see foreigners about the town.  That was when EPIK brought in 50+ new public school teachers to the region.  It's hard to believe how much has changed over the past year or so.

Yugang is now up and coming with at least 12 foreign teachers in the area.  We decided that it would be a good time for all of us to meet up and get to know our neighbors.  We met at a local chicken hof (kind of like a bar.  One that also specializes in food) and got to know each other over plates of chicken and bottles of soju.

Chris and William

Landis.  Showing the proper way to pour a drink for your superior/elder.

Owen Wilson (yes. that's his real name), Landis, Chris

Sarah, yours truly, Claire

Went through a lot of soju.  It was almost the same as a night out with Master Sim.
Not too shabby of a weekend.  We're still laying low as December's going to end up being a big spender kind of month, what with Christmas, vacation, a big birthday getaway and what not.  Stay tuned though, the boy has been making his K-POP TEN that'll debut on the blog sometime this week.  Wouldn't wanna miss out on all the saucy goodness.

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