Sunday, January 30, 2011

Le Weekend.

Sorry it's been a few days.  We've been uber busy lately with friends leaving Korea, the boy changing schools, and Master Sim becoming a daddy.

YES!  Our beloved Hapkido Master is now a dad to the most beautiful baby girl that I've ever seen.  She was born on Thursday and we were able to watch videos that Master Sim took of her an hour after her birth.  She was so alert and following everything with her eyes.  She's going to be a smarty pants, that one.  They still haven't named her yet, but I'll be sure to post pictures along with her name as soon as we find out. 

We desperately wanted to help out Master Sim and his wife Eri any way we could.  We asked if they needed anything and his response was, "No.  It's okay.  Wait, we need baby panty.  No flowers.  Never.  But many, many baby panty".   Ah yes, diapers. 

The boy and I headed to E-mart and found ourselves in quite the predicament.   There were so many different kinds of diapers!  There weren't any sizes, but they were all in kgs.  As in, grab a diaper that matches your childs weight.  It's hard enough being an American and working in the metric system, but add Korean on top of that and you've got one confused couple. 

We were finally able to use my phone to translate 신생아.  It means "newborn".  I now understand why Master Sim wanted diapers so bad.  Those suckers are expensive.  I think we decided then and there that if we ever have kids, we'll definitely try cloth diapers. 

When we weren't on the hunt for newborn diapers, we were sending off another friend.  We went out with some friends last night to send off Landis Lee.  She actually arrived in Pohang a month after we did and she's been on more than a few adventures with us.  We're sad to see her go but she left us a bunch of goodies.  We inherited a lovely couch and a sheet ton of spices.  Ares and I even tested the couch out today with a little nappy nap.

And yes, I'm sleeping with my jacket on because it's still freezing in Korea. 

I believe that the remainder of our weekend will be spent making plans for our big expedition.  We won't know what countries we'll be visiting until we have the letters in hand, but there's still so much that we need to get worked out.  We also want to incorporate some form of volunteer work with every country that we visit.  Please feel free to offer any suggestions.  We'd love to hear any of your ideas!

And one more picture, just because we finally captured Ares rolling his eyes at us. 

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