Sunday, January 16, 2011

Steppin' Out Sunday

Korea is brrrr cold people.  très cold.  I layered up before we ventured out today.  We've had a surprisingly super lazy weekend.  It was fantastic.  After the boy made two failed attempts at getting to Seoul, we decided to have lunch and lay low.  And while it may seem like the boy and I see each other all the time, we really don't get to spend quality time with each other.  It was a much needed Captain and Clark weekend. 

Here's what we wore...

Dress: F21
Leggings: F21
Jacket(s): Nordstrom
Boots: Random store in Korea
scarf: A birthday gift

Hat: REI
Jacket: Coax
Pants: Army surplus

Ares Kitten
Fur: His own doing.

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