Sunday, January 2, 2011

What's a snow day?

There are little white flakes of frozen water falling from the sky!  Not only is it snowing, but we actually have a snow day.  Like, as in we don't have school.  No school.  I could have cut off all of my extremeties and have swine flu and bird flu and foot and mouth and we still would have had to work.  In fact, last year I had tonsilitis and I had to get a shot in my bum (it was either there or my throat) and I felt like death.  I called the boss barely able to talk and what did she tell me?  She told me that I should come in to work anyway.  Le bullshoot.

But, back to my story.  Class was cancelled today.  And by cancelled, I really mean that we have to make up for it on Saturday, but tis the life of being a hogwan teacher in Korea.  It's kind of a miracle that school was cancelled in general so I'll take what I can get. 

We wasted no time putting on our snowgear and taking Ares kitten out for his first snow experience. 

And how do Koreans react to the snow?  They donn Nike kicks and sweatpants with their trusty umbrellas.  The streets were pretty bare and we saw our 109 bus stuck on the top of the hill.  The best part by far is seeing all of the kids out of school and frolicking in the show with their cherry red cheeks and bright smiles.  I think we'll spend the rest of the day drinking hot chocolate and watching movies.  We'll probably have to take kitten out again as he's posted himself by the front door.  Isn't he photogenic? 

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