Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wandering Wednesdays.

BAHAHAHAHA! This picture slays me.  This was a looooong time ago back in 2006.  It was my first time ever leaving the country (well, besides Canada) and I was on a month long study abroad program in Martinique, an overseas region of France located in the Caribbean.  We were given full course credits for our French degrees and were able to live like the locals. 

We were each assigned host families and my family was pretty awesome, if not unique.  I lived with a single mother and her two daughters.  Mme. Chénard, Marlène, and Carole all made me feel so welcomed and at home.  I had my own private bedroom complete with bath and every morning I would walk into the kitchen and find some form of tropical juice and a pain au chocolat waiting for me.   It was heaven.

As you can tell by the photo, I was able to catch a little bit of sun.  I ended up getting so tan that I was often mistaken for a local.  There were numerous occasions where I was stopped in the street by someone who swooned over my hair.  So many people asked how I got it so smooth and straight and they would also ask to touch it.

On this particular night I let my host sister Carole do my hair and makeup- Martinique style.  I was also trying to show off with the only song that I can play on the guitar.  Just one of the many memorable nights that I spent in their living room.  I would so like to go back sometime in the near future.  Le sigh.

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