Monday, April 25, 2011

Sorry it's been quiet...

I know it's been really quiet over here.  We've been extremely busy trying to pack and get our lives together.  I'm also battling another plague brought on by my sweet (and extremely dirty) students.

I did get quite the surprise today when I headed into work.  There was a high pitched squeaking sound coming from underneath the stairs of our building.  I thought it sounded like a bird but I decided to check on it just in case it was something else.  Low and behold there was a tiny baby kitten in a box screaming its little head off.  I immediately ran to find Chris.

When we returned to the box there was a security guard who told us (in broken English) that he found three kittens and moved them into the box.  Two of the little ones had already passed away.  Normally I would have left the baby in the box for its mother to find it but the man had already picked her up and moved her.  I doubt her mother would even take her back now that her scent has changed.

I scooped her up, took her to the vet, and bought a can of kitten formula and bottles.  I'm praying that she'll pull through.  This happened to us once before and the sweet babykit didn't make it.

Not wanting Ares to contract anything the baby kitten might have, we left her in the good care of our friend and neighbor, Sarah.  She was a huge help when we found the other kitten and I'm more than confident that she'll give her all the TLC that she needs.

I'll be sure to keep you updated, but for now, please keep the little one in your prayers.  I was informed that my parents are going to have to put down two of my cats from home.  They're not doing well and they're suffering.  I couldn't bare to lose three kitties in one week.

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  1. <3 This baby kitty is so adorable. Praying for sweet baby kitty. Lovelovelove.


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