Monday, November 1, 2010

And Today I Miss Home...

I have no idea why, but sometimes I get a brief shot of homesickness. Growing up the only thing I ever wanted was to leave Washington and experience the world. I'm now living out that dream, but there are just certain things, feelings, and emotions that I miss so much. Here are the ones on my heart at the moment.

I miss coffee stands and shops. I especially miss how they're literally littered across the state. At least in the Seattle/Tacoma area you can't drive more than two blocks without seeing one. AND they're open early unlike coffee shops here in Korea that usually open up around 11. Boo me.

I miss running. Yeah, I can obviously run in Korea but it's just not the same. I miss the chilly, crisp air and the way the road looks right after it's rained and the sound of your shoes hitting the wet pavement. I especially love running during the fall when it's the perfect temperature and the leaves are changing.

I miss people from the Pacific Northwest in general. It's cliche but we're just so sporty. I mean, people living in the Pacific Northwest are spoiled. We have hiking galore, water sports, REI, Cabellas, winter sports... umm, basically everthing is at our fingertips. Everywhere you look, people are working out. Whether they're riding their bikes to work or walking their dogs, there's always someone getting some excercise in. I can't believe I use to take it for granted.

And last, I miss El Toro happy hour. Mmmmmm. When I worked at Forza Coffee Company I was utterly blessed to work with some of my best friends. The girls that I met through that job are still some of my closest confidants. At least once a week we would get off of work and walk across the parking lot to El Toro. Not only are the drinks stiff and the food delicious, but they are DIRT CHEAP. All you have to do is order at least one drink during happy hour and then you can eat ALL YOU WANT from their special platters. Sometimes they'll have nachos or burritos... and there's always a few tubs of refried beans and salsa. Now I'm hungry and homesick!

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