Monday, November 1, 2010

What have I gotten myself into?!

Nothing. That's what. Because I technically didn't put myself in this position. Master Sim did. Good old well-to-do Master Sim. And what position am I talking about exactly? Oh... it's nothing much, just being humiliated in front of a stadium of millions of Hapkido experts. That's all. (insert whimper here)

I can't be too mad. I should, in fact, be honored. Honored that Master Sim even remotely feels confident putting Chris and I out there for everyone to see. I mean, he has to have at least a little confidence... because we'd be reflecting him and his teachings, right? RIGHT? I don't know. Here's how it all started: Yesterday at Hapkido class Master Sim told us about an amazing nation wide Hapkido tournament. He told us of how people of all ages come and watch this festival of fun (and pain). He then asked if Chris and I would be interested in going. Hapkido festival where I get to watch people get beat up? Hail yes I'm in. This is where it all went downhill. He began to tell us of the moves that WE'D need to know in order to compete.

Wait. Back it up. Rewind. I just wanted to go and WATCH this take down. I wanted to grab a coke (soju?) and some popcorn (dried squid?) and cheer on my favorite competitors. I didn't know that I was going to be the one getting thrashed around in front of a bazillion people. There goes my weekend. And being the good student/padawan learner that I am, I said I would be more than willing to take part.

Stay tuned. You know it'll all be captured on video. I think I'll wear this to intimidate my competition...

Oh and P.S. Captain and Clark were featured again on trip films for our Penis Park video. Definitely check it out and vote (if you'd be so kind). Clickity Click Here!

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