Monday, November 1, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust.

Women all over the country-nay, the world are mourning today. That's right- our handsome, strong, lovable Hapkido Master is now officially off the market. Sorry ladies. Don't tell the mister, but I might have also shed a tear. or two.

Sorrow aside, my first Korean wedding experience was... bizarre. It was similar to western weddings in theatrics but also lacking a lot of... well, emotion. First thing I learned was that Korean weddings start right on time. Maybe even early. We arrived at the Wedding Hall a few minutes before 1 pm and waltzed our pretty little selves into the lobby. While trying to figure out what floor Master Sim's wedding was on (there are like, 8 floors all with weddings happening simultaneously) we glanced at the plasma tv and noticed that it was showing Master Sim and Eri walking down the aisle. We ran up a few flights of stairs and came upon a big, noisy hallway where a bunch of people were standing around and talking. I was about to run past all of them when I happened to glance to my left and noticed that there was a big, open alcove and there was Master Sim and his bride saying their vows.

Well, I'm guessing that they were saying their vows. They were speaking Korean and I actually couldn't even hear them. Why? Because apparently everyone talks amongst themselves while the couple do their thang. It was sooooo noisy and if I hadn't been warned beforehand I would've shushed them all.


Oops, did I fail to mention that almost all wedding halls are decorated in the similar fashion? Complete with plastic pearls, bedazzled floors, and lace doiles.

After the vows were said a little band sang a song, a cake was quite literally rolled out (on wheels) and Master Sim and Eri each cut a piece of cake and fed it to each other while 5 seperate photographers took pictures. Once the cake was rolled back, the newlyweds thanked their families while a smoke machine added a foggy haze for extra effect. There was another song that was sang by a traditional Korean band and then the wedding was over. Master Sim and Eri walked down to the end of the aisle, smiled, then turned around and walked straight back. It was picture time.


A few pictures from the hallway where we were able to view the whole ceremony:


After the ceremony, there's a huge buffet in the basement where everyone from all of the different weddings can converge to eat. The only people missing are the newlyweds. You get an envelope and you put whatever money you want to give to the couple inside.


All in all, it was a great experience. I couldn't be happier for Master Sim, Eri and the little one on the way. I'm normally a big baby at weddings, but this one was a little different. I did however tear up a little bit when I saw their professional wedding pictures.


Yeah, they're adorable and I love them both.

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