Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's not Korea without K-POP

A little tribute to one of my favorite K-pop groups in Korea. 2NE1 came out on the scene right as the boy and I arrived in Korea back in May 2009. Their first song, "Lollipop" was featured with Big Bang, a very popular boy band. It was also synonymous with the lollipop cell phone as the commercials played about every 5 minutes on tv.

The boy and I were just watching the 2NE1 channel (yes, they have their own television channel) and decided that we didn't want any of YOU to miss out on the sheer glory that is 2NE1. So for your viewing pleasure, a little compilation of 2NE1's best hits. Enjoy.

2ne1- Lollipop

If that wasn't enough, it was soon followed by this hit:


The next two kind of came as a sister set. We have "I Don't Care" and "Follow Me".

"Follow Me" was followed (har har) by "Clap Your Hands"... which wasn't uploading properly along with two of my other favorites (and their newest ones), "Go Away" and "It Hurts". In "Go Away" you'll be able to pick up some of the Konglish mixed in. My favorite line is, "All you do is act a fool, you ain't sheeet without your crew". "It Hurts is awesome because it's one of their slower ones and Sandra Park has crazy amazing fro-hair.

And there you have it- a brief history of one of our favorite K-POP bands in Korea. If you don't like it I regret to inform you that you will not be guests at our (HUGE) casa. We pretty much wake up to this stuff every morning.

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