Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nom nom nom.

Ovens are hard to come by in Korea. Seriously. Out of all the foreigners we know in Korea, only 3 of them have ovens. You don't really realize how often you use an oven until you are without one. You can make cakes, pizzas, pasta bakes, roasts, baked potatoes, enchiladas... pretty much all of my favorite foods.

Yesterday I took advantage of our neighbor's hangover (sorry William) and comandeered his oven. I've been baking cakes and pizza ever since!

Delicious tortilla pizza with tomato sauce.

Gourmet tortilla pizza with alfredo sauce, sauteed chicken and feta.

REAL cupcakes (iced with cream cheese frosting)!

...Annnnd a cake that was baked in our rice pot.

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  1. you can even back your own cupcakes now! so you wanted to know about teaching in egypt...are you sure? we've been contacting school in korea ourselves...busan and seoul but no responses yet. maybe we can chat over email or skype if you want. let me know. my real email is


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