Monday, November 1, 2010

Today was a good day...

I really shouldn't even be blogging right now because I'm extremely exhausted and I just popped my magic Korean allergy pills that BUT today was just a good day. There are really two reasons that stand out. One of them is that our good friends at trip films have so graciously given us a SHOW! A SHOW PEOPLE! Like a show that people can watch. It actually launched today and we couldn't be happier. It's just nice to get recognized by people other than our immediate family and friends. heh. a show. I would love you to the moon and stars and back if you would click on the Trip Films link and view a video or two and mayyyybe add your vote or a comment or really just anything.

Trip Films has been really great and it's a great site to browse for travel advice or inspiration. They also make it so easy to add your own videos and they're great about highlighting good work. Ahhhhhhh, a show.

Now, my second piece of make-my-day pie is that the mister and I finally got our swords today. Yes, swords. Now before you go around thinking I'm a crazy banshee, wielding some samurai sword like a make-believe Bruce Lee, you need to know the facts.

Fact numero uno: The boy and I have been practicing the sword (katana) techniques since before we were black belts. You actually have to be a black belt to practice with a real sword and it's (ahem) kind of a big deal.

Fact numero dos: Having one of these swords in Korea is like owning a gun in America. Probably more serious. We had to have both our Korean and American background checks. We also have to carry a sword license. Like I said, it's a big deal.

Fact numero tres: These aren't just any swords. They've been handcrafted for us specifically. And they're expensive. Think of all the money you earn in a month. Now take all of that money in your arms and give it a ol' big kiss goodbye. The boy and I were shocked that Master Sim would even consider teaching us this ancient art form, let alone actually let us get our own swords. Once we became accustomed to the fact that he was serious, we started a little "nest egg". Not for a house, not for a baby, not even for a car... but for these swords. They're part of the reason we're not leaving the country for my up and coming b-day.

Fact numero quatro: We've waited months for these. Literally, that's how long it takes the blacksmith to fold the steel and form our swords. We were told that our blacksmith even bumped up the quality even more when he found out we were American. He wants us to go back home and wants everyone to be impressed with the quality when compared to Japanese katanas. Yes! Being American working in our favor! And you've gotta see the detail on these babies! We never actually talked to the blacksmith (everything was done through Master Sim) but it's like he knew us completely. They're so beautiful and it's a lot of little things that make it so much more personal. The color of my hilt is not something I would've chosen for myself, but it's so me that it's ridiculous. It also makes my insanely dangerous sword look more feminine.

There are a ton more facts but my Spanish isn't that good and my drugs are starting to kick in. I'll have pictures posted shortly. Sit tight and hope that I have all of my limbs the next time I post, we start practice with them tomorrow morning.

P.S. Please excuse all typos and grammatical errors. My giddyness and coma-enducing allergy pills are making my a little loopy.

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