Monday, November 8, 2010

Your Daily Gem.

So Landis and I co-teach a few classes together. One of my favorite classes includes three students named Jenny, Isaac and Andy. They're only 6 or 7 years old but they are bright kids. As I was walking by their classroom today, (I'm their 1st teacher and Landis is their 2nd) Landis popped out and told me about their most recent conversation. It went like this...

Jenny: Landis teacher, you are a boy.

Landis: I am not a boy! Isaac, do you think I'm a boy?

Isaac: No teacher.

Landis: Andy, do you think I'm a boy?

Andy: No teacher, you're not a boy. You have titties.

Jenny: You have big titties!

Apparently Jenny then began to draw an anatomically correct picture of Landis. Sans shirt. Those kids love to keep things interesting.

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