Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merci Beaucoup!

Gracias!  Merci!  Asante sana!  Gratzi!  Gamsahamnida!  Dankie dat yj! Shei shei! Domo arigato! Diolch yn fawr! Saawap di kha!  Obrigado! Salamat! And you can't see it, but I'm thanking you in sign language as well.

(If anyone from my Bolivia study abroad program can remember how to say "thank you" in Quechua, it'd be much appreciated.  I can only remember how to say "big, drunk duck".) 

For those of you that voted for us on Trip Films, Thank you.  Because of you, Captain and Clark are now Trip Film's Member of the Month.   Woot woot.  We even got a purdy picture right on their homepage.  I cannot stress how excited we about the whole thing.  Trip Films is an excellent resource for any traveler and there are so many opportunities to earn rewards, cash, and even hotel accommodation through the videos that you submit.  Uhm... awesome.   So, thank you again for all of your support.  We really do appreciate it.


Captain and Clark

Post Script. 
Check us out in all our "Member of the Month" glory.

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