Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our Sunday. In Pictures.

My weekend in pictures.

Ahhh yes.  Very exciting, non?  This was the view that I've had for the past two days as I'm trying my hardest to recover from a sickness of death.  It's quite the bummer since we had awesome weekend plans.  It was our good friend Paul's birthday celebration and we had booked rooms at a traditional Korean house for the weekend.  I had been feeling pretty bad all week but thought that I was finally getting better.  I even woke up on Saturday and got dressed in my new Christmas "jumper" (i.e. "sweater" to us Americans).  We got all the way down to the bus station before I realized that it just wasn't going to happen.  I need to rest and recuperate before our Christmas getaway and I would've been the grumpy grape that brought everyone else down.  Bah humbug.

Not wanting to miss out entirely, I had a Polaroid picture taken of myself so that Chris could carry it around with him while he went off without me. 

I pretty much spent the entire weekend plopped on the couch watching reruns of America's Next Top Model, NCIS, and Harry Potter.  woop woop.  The only real upside to my weekend was that Ares kitten was quite the sweetheart.  He stayed by my side all weekend and slept in my pile of tissues.  Bless his little kitten heart. 

Chris was very good about keeping me updated and making sure I was alright.  He was also kind enough to take plenty of pictures and video so I could re-live the adventure with him.

The birthday boy
The crew
A puddle of pups!
Jindo pups!
Korea's traditional dogs, Jindo dogs.

Ducky Boats
The boy got some awesome footage of the house that they stayed in.  He'll hopefully have the video up tonight, but seeing as The Last Samurai just came on TV, it might take a little longer.  Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!

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