Sunday, December 19, 2010

Post Script.

"The Last Samurai" is BAMF.  Like, in all senses of the acronym.  I've never watched it before tonight and believe you me, it's fantastical.  It's a little "Dances with Wolves" mixed with a dash of "King Arthur" with the heart pounding adrenaline of "Gladiator" (The end of the movie reminds me of the scene between Hugh Grant and Billy Bob Thorton in "Love Actually") .   I'm still wiping the sopping tears from my eyes.  Ugh.  I hate heartbreaking bittersweet movies. 

I only have one complaint, and it's a small one.  It would have never bothered me if I didn't now possess a katana sword of my own, but the zingy "sch-liiiing" sound that the sword makes when it's unsheathed is soooooo not right.  It's not supposed to make any sounds at all.  I was so into the movie, but every time they sheathed or unsheathed their swords it just made me cringe and took me out of the movie for that brief instant.  I guess it would've made a lot of people confused if they didn't have the "sch-liiiiiing" sound, but hey, whatev. 

On another note, the boy and I have concluded that it would pretty much suck to be a horse in a war film. 

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