Friday, December 3, 2010

Your Daily Gem.

So recently we've had a slew of incidents with students hitting and punching each other.  We've taken to having highly over-dramatized presentations where we go over a list of rules and regulations with the students and teach them what the consequences of their actions are.  The presentation usually starts with Aria writing the word "no" on the board and the students have to come up with things they're not allowed to do.  For example, "no running", "no fighting", and "no speaking Korean".  One thing that's unanimous among the teachers is that we cannot, I repeat, cannot stand whining.  Korean children have it down to a science.  It goes a little something like this...

Me:  Alright guys, it's time for your vocabulary quiz.

Student: Teach-er-er-er-er-er-er! WHYYYYYYYYYY? 

These whining fits can continue for a while if you let them.  My students have gotten a lot better, but they still slip every now and then.  ANYWAY, today in our presentation we wrote down "no whining" and almost immediately after, 10 year old Andrew raised his hand and asked, "NO WINE?!" and then proceeded to mimick drinking a bottle of wine and getting drunk. 

I don't have him as a student, but I can already tell that boy likes to get down. 

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