Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Your Daily Gem.

So it's not the usual funny gem that I normally post, but this one completely melted my heart.  I have a student named Lily and she's probably no older than 5.  She's absolutely adorable and she always rushes to me the moment that she sees me and gives me a big hug.  When I walked into the school today the first thing I did was ask my co-teachers if anything had gone wrong in my absence. Claire told me, "Lily cried... and it was your fault."  My heart sunk.  I figured I had forgotten to tell the substitute something about her class and that she was stressed or upset and couldn't help but cry. 
Apparently, a few minutes into her class Lily started to quietly sob.  No one really knew why and Anna, our Korean co-teacher went in the room to talk to her.  She asked her if she was sick, or if she needed to go to the bathroom, or if she wanted to call her mom.  She would only quietly shake her head no.  After a few minutes Anna asked, "Are you crying because you miss Tawny teacher?" and poor, sweet little Lily nods her head yes. 

What's that sound?  It's me.  Mopping my heart up off the floor. 

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