Saturday, January 1, 2011


Um, hello?  What happened to 2010?  I feel like this year just flew by.  Geeze I'm getting old.

Well, the boy and I had a relatively calm New Years Eve.  We got off work and headed to a new Indian restaurant downtown.  Yes, that's right- we now have INDIAN FOOD in Pohang!  Not gunna lie, I was more excited for the food than for the actual new year.  The food was savory and delicious and every plate came with your choice of rice or naan.  heaven.  It was also good to just relax and enjoy delicious food with friends. 

After dinner we decided to lay low and catch a movie.  We ended up seeing The American.  I didn't really like it at the time.  In retrospect, it was actually quite good.  It kind of showed the real side to being a spy.  Not too shabby.

After that we went home, poured ourselves a glass of rum and coke, slow danced around our living room, and brought out our journals.  Last year we wrote all of our hopes and dreams for 2010.  We wanted to see just how many of them we had accomplished.  A few of the ones that I got to check off were:
  • before proficient in Korean
  • earn my black belt in hapkido
  • get a sak yant in Thailand
  • visit "my people" in the Philippines
  • get a Captain and Clark sponsor
  • Have our videos be recognized
  • take full advantage of our time in Korea
We're still working on our lists for 2011.  I'd say that 2010 was a year full of growth, travel, learning experiences and unexpected twists and turns.  We've been blessed beyond measure and I thank God every day for all that Chris and I have been able to do and accomplish.  Sometimes I have to sit back and realize just how fortunate we are.  Here's to hoping that everyone had a wonderful New Year's and that 2011 will bring peace, prosperity and joy! 

Best wishes,

Captain & Clark

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