Saturday, January 1, 2011

Siquijor. Day 3.

Our third day in the Philippines just so happened to also be Christmas day.  We've apparently started a tradition where there must be sand somehow incorporated in our Christmas.  Last year it was the desert of Dubai, this year it was a tropical beach (or should I say, beaches) in the Philippines.  Who knows?  Next year it might be the desert sands of Mongolia.  (fingers crossed)

Terry, one of the owners of La Casa de la Playa, offered to take the beau and I on a day trip around the island.  Her girlfriend Romy decided to join us and we spent a good seven to eight hours exploring all that Siquijor had to offer.  We started off at a Christmas celebration at a local church.  It brought back so many memories of my time with family in Hawaii.  There were people everywhere and everyone was so happy and welcoming.  There were children playing and people were singing and dancing to Christmas tunes.  I could've probably stayed there all day, but we had more of the island to see.  In all reality, we could have probably spent the entire day hopping from Christmas party to Christmas party.  Everywhere we went, people were having outdoor extravagant parties.  As soon as they saw that we were foreigners, they would flag our car down and basically force us to join them.  They'd clear a spot for us at the table, pour us a rum and coke and ask us all about ourselves.  As soon as we brought out the cameras they would put on a show of dancing and singing.  There was even a rousing game of musical chairs.  It was all so refreshing and there was joy, so much joy.  One might say that it was ubiquitous.

We not only party hopped; we also visited a local healer, explored Terry's favorite beaches, visited the gravestone of a woman who died at 116, hiked to some beautiful waterfalls, dipped our toes in a natural pool at the base of a "magical tree", and chased the sunset.  It is impossible to recap everything in one post, so instead I'll post some pictures from the day and I'll have separate posts dipicting each activity later.  They have to be highlighted- they're just too good to miss!

Like I said- a LOT of Christmas parties!  The remainder of our evening was spent relaxing on the front porch and playing card games to see who would win the chance to sit in the hammock.   Not a bad way to celebrate!

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