Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I know what I want for Valentine's Day...

Erm, so... I've lived in Korea long enough to miss certain things.  Certain things like Thanksgiving dinner, real bacon, and good ol' Western baked goods.  It's slightly ridiculous just how much I miss the smell of simmering bacon on Sunday mornings, being able to bake cupcakes in a real standard size oven, and Thanksgiving.  Oh Thanksgiving.  My favorite holiday of all time.  Turkey, mashed potatoes, fresh warm dinner rolls oh my!

Luckily for me, a little website exists that can cure my hunger longings.  This website is www.thinkgeek.com.  Here is what they have to offer...

Gimme gimme gimme.  Thanksgiving bubblegum?  Are you cereal?  All of my wildest dreams have come true.  I feel like Violet Beauregarde minus the whole turning into a blueberry fiasco.  They also have bacon and cupcake bubblegum (not together, silly), astronaut ice cream, civet crap choice coffee, and canned unicorn meat.   How can my day get any better?  Oh, if only I had some of this tasty and strange goodness right meow.


  1. You know what else you need? Jones Soda holiday pack.


  2. nice! we had canned bacon in the army, it was a treat!

  3. Ooooh Jones would be the icing on the top of the (cup)cake! And yes, I would kill for canned bacon. I never thought it would come to that.


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