Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wandering Wednesday.

Wordless Wednesdays (the only one that I've done so far) will now be "Wandering Wednesdays".  Why?  Because quite frankly, I'm never really wordless on Wednesdays.  Plus, this way I can still choose a travel picture at random and insert some sound advice that someone, anyone might find useful. 

This one comes with a lot of memories.  This was taken back in January of 2007.  Has it really been four years?!  whimper.  This group of awesome girls and I had been traveling through Bolivia with Florencio, our amazeballs 4-wheel driver that played Michael Bolton remixes and Titanic on his 8-track.   There was a little language barrier between Florencio and ourselves, but we managed to get across that we liked being ahead of the rest of the group by exclaiming excitedly, "numero uno!"  And boy, Florencio delivered.  It was one of the best (and longest) rides of my life. 

I believe that this picture was taken after a one night stay at a  solar powered hotel in the middle of nowhere, Bolivia.  It was miles from any town, but located in close proximity to Laguna Colorado (google it.  seriously).  The name of the hotel is Hotel Tayka del Desierto and it was very basic with limited heating and electricity, but so worth it to be sheltered so close to Laguna Colorado.  

I'm not sure if the hotel is the same as it was back in 2007, but when our caravan arrived at around 11 pm we were greeted by a little smiling man in a tuxedo.  They had a big dinner prepared for us and we ate by candlelight (since all electricity was off by 8).  I remember showering with my headlamp on the toilet seat so that I wouldn't hurt myself while bathing.  As Spartan as it was, I remember experiencing one of the most restful sleeps of the trip. 

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