Sunday, January 2, 2011

Steppin' Out Sunday

Our weekend's been pretty relaxing.  We had originally planned to go up to Seoul for some New Years celebrations with our good friend Ryan Sheldon.  The bus schedule had other plans for us and we found ourselves stuck in good ol' Pohang.  I spent today hanging out with some a my favorite ladies.  We had coffee, ate lunch, did a fair amount of shopping, watched Harry Potter (again), and ended the day with some games at the arcade.  Here's what I wore...

cap: Style Lab
shirt: UGIZ
long tanktop: Style Lab
pants: Forever 21
boots: Some random shoe store in Korea
cat: found him in a pile of my clothes

We wanted to try out a new place for lunch and we decided that we had to go here.  If only because of the name.

And it wouldn't be the usual day out with the girls unless some shopping was involved.  Today we sought after warm hats since Korea is freeeezing.  Almost as cold as Kim Jong-Il's heart. 

Not a bad way to spend the weekend.  It was exactly what we needed as we haven't fully recovered from our whirlwind trip to the Philippines.  Now I'm going to kick back, relax, watch some CSI or NCIS reruns on the tele and prepare myself for another week with the kiddos.  Cheers!

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