Monday, January 10, 2011

Well Shoot Me in the Bum.

Quite literally. 

I went back to the doc's today to get a check up.  I swear I've got liquid in my lungs.  I can hear it when I breathe and I can practically feel it when I cough.   I know my body and I know when something's wrong.   This doctor didn't even check my lungs.  He thinks it's just something in my throat.  No no no sir.  I'm no doctor, but I believe you are wrong. 

So he prescribed mea shot in the bum.  This isn't the first time that a Korean doctor said I needed a bum shot.  My first doctor said that I had the choice between a booty shot or one to the throat.  No brainer.   No needles to the throat.  Not gunna happen.  I got taken to a small back room, asked to pull down my pants and then... well, then the nurse slapped me!  And it was hard too.  And then she continued to slap me  Again and again and again.  Naughty naughty little nurse.  Well, her hit trick worked because I was too appalled to even feel the needle. 

Today was the same procedure.  One tiny warning slap, then a BIG one, then a continuous pattern of small taps.  Do I know what the shot's for?  Erm, no.  Did it help?  Really can't tell you.  I was marched straight back to work right after. 

So what do you need to know if you're ever sick in Korea? 

1. Doctor's Clinic's are not open 24/7.  They actually kind of shut down for their lunch hour and they close for the day around 7 pm. 

2. Doctor's here like to prescribe shots.  Shots to the throat and shots to the badonkadonk.  Hooraaayyy.

3. Hospitals and the pharmacy are closed on the weekend.  Sure, the hospitals stay open, but nothing's really lit and if you're injured you can take yourself to the emergency room.  It's the only place that'll be open.  The pharmacy will be open on Saturday, but probably not on Sunday. 

4. You usually get a packet o' pills from the pharmacist.  Each packet contains anywhere from 3-7 (or more) pills.  I feel like a druggie whenever I have to pop the bazillion pills into my mouth every 4 hours. 

5. Take someone who speaks fluent Korean with you to the doctor's and make sure it's not your boss.  I have a tiny feeling that she might have slightly misinterpreted what the doc said.  I'm pretty sure he said my throat was fine and that my lungs were filled with liquid. He probably even told her that I needed to rest at home for a few days.  Who knows?

But enough of that doom and gloom.  The upside is that going to the doctor's is dirt cheap.  I spent approximately $3.50 today and that included my shot!  There's an upside to everything!

Promise I'll have more upbeat posts once I conquer this bad boy.  Until then, back to my spot on the couch.

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  1. Haaaaahaha, I can just picture you bent over on a nurse's lap, getting spanked and shot at the same time. Dirty, and yet I can't stop giggling.



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