Friday, February 25, 2011

The Final Countdown...

Holy balls!  We only have a little over a week left until the polls are closed for TripFilms Filmmaker of the Year award

Have you voted yet?  (Preferably for, you know... us)

And have you seen our competition?!  We were dumbstruck that Captain and Clark was even nominated under the category of Filmmaker of the Year, but it really hit home when we saw all of our competition.  They.are.amazeballs.  No joke.  I would love love love to win the grand prize, but in all honesty, just being nominated was an enormous honor.  High caliber people, high caliber.

But hey, it's not over yet and we'd still like to give our comp. a run for their money.  If you would please donate a few minutes of your time and approximately 5 clicks of your mouse we would greatly appreciate your vote.  And if by some miracle we win, I promise that I'll send you all a hypothetical cigar and/or unicorn.  Unicorns are congratulatory, right?

To vote for Captain and Clark just click HERE.

Our categories include:
Filmmaker of the Year (The big 'un)
Destination Profile Award
Getting Local Award

We really can't thank you enough! 

And this is just for reading... a little teaser of things to come, if you will.

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