Sunday, February 6, 2011

N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower is a beacon in the city.  It stands 479 meters above sea level and is an awesome way to see breathtaking views of Seoul.   In Seattle we have the Space Needle and in Seoul we have the N Seoul Tower. 

The boy and I didn't exactly plan on visiting the N Seoul Tower on our trip, but after making the boy endure an hour of shopping I decided that he could pick out what we did next.  We figured that it would be pretty quiet since it was a major holiday and most Korean families would be celebrating at home.

We arrived at the trail head to the tower and thought that the hike itself seemed a little daunting.  Especially since we wanted to have a relaxing day.  We decided to take the gondola up instead.  That is, until we saw the line for it.  We would've been waiting in that sucker for hours. 

We decided to be hardcore and hike our hineys up to the top.  It was a strong choice my friends.

@ the trail head.  Can you see the tower in the FAR OFF distance?
It was an extremely foggy day but the hike was surprisingly wonderful.  There were plenty of families hiking it with us.  One lady even stopped us and made us take handfuls of dried squid.  Korean people are perpetually nice, especially when they hike.  The last time we went hiking we were forced to take a bazillion cherry tomatoes and an equal amount of soju shots from a group of hikers.  

I completely underestimated just how far the tower was from the trail head.  We walked (more like climbed) for about an hour and a half before we finally made it to the top.  Once there we were greeted by vendors selling everything from silk worm larvae to cotton candy.  There were families playing yut, a traditional Korean game on boards that were set out around the perimeter. 

We were also able to see a few families out in their traditional Korean dress known as hanboks.  I was shocked at the sheer amount of people that actually made it to the top of the giant hill. 

Below are pictures of locks of love.  No, I'm not talking about hair.  These are actual locks that couples take with them to the top of the mountain.  These locks are supposed to symbolize a commitment to be together and never separate.  It makes sense to me.  If you and your lover can endure the extreme hike and still love each other, it's probably meant to be.

We didn't bring a lock, but we still love each other.  Maybe next time.

After playing around at the bottem of the tower, we paid 8,000 won/person to go to the top.  I'm so disappointed at how foggy it was because I'm sure the view would have been spectacular.  Along the windows were various countries and their distances from the very spot you were standing in.  I was able to snag a few shots, but Seattle was blocked by a huge pole.  Le lame. 

The tower boasts a cafe and restaurant where you can chillax and grab a delicious meal.  But wait, there's more.  You can also use the restrooms and do your business in the highest bathrooms in all of Korea.  Chris told me that the urinals in the little boy's room all face the window.  Lucky. 

We've decided that we're going to have to make the trek again in order to see the view in all of its un-fogged glory and to also bring our own special lock of love.  Until then, anyone in Korea should have a look for themselves. 

How to get there.

By Subway:  Exit through Exit #2 at Chungmuro Station (lines 3 &4) or Exit #6 at Dongdaemun Station and transfer to Namsan Circulation Bus.

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