Monday, February 7, 2011

Bringing you N Seoul Tower in HD Video.

Watch more Seoul videos at


  1. You guys make such fun little films! I've loved looking through them. :) This one of Seoul Tower brings back so many memories! I lived for a short time near the tower and used to hike up to it when I was bored. ...not to say that Seoul was boring in the least though! How long more are you guys in Korea?

    ps. The Jimjilbang I went to was right outside of DC. My husband and I currently live in Washington, DC, but I'm trying to convince him to leave the States and teach in either Thailand or Taiwan.

  2. We loved Seoul Tower. We were in no shape or form ready for the hike though. In fact, the boy ruptured a blood vessel in his foot and has been limping around since. Oops!

    The next time we're in DC we'll check out the jimjilbang. I don't think it's something that we can miss. I'm still in shock that it exists.

    If you do end up making it to Thailand or Taiwan you'll have to keep us updated. I would LOVE to teach in Thailand next. :)


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