Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our parcel from TripFilms

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Our t-shirts and hoodies have arrived from TripFilms!  These were the babies that we won with our "Destination Profile" and "Going Local" nominations and awards.  Not gunna lie, the shirt is extremely comfortable.  I might have slept in it last night... then wore it to work.  Then went for a run in it.  I swear I'm going to wash it tonight.  If I can tear myself away from it, that is.

Don't worry, the boy has one too.  Now we have couple shirts that we can wear for the remainder of our time in Korea.  SCORE!

Thank you TripFilms for the amazeballs attire.  You best believe that we'll be sporting them in our up and coming videos!


  1. I'm so glad you like them! I agree about how soft they are. I haven't washed the sweatshirt yet because it's so soft... all the guys in the office wear the sweatshirt every day! Glad you enjoy!

  2. We love them Kelley! They couldn't be any more comfortable. Thanks again for all of your support. We really love the Tripfilms community.


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