Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wandering Wednesdays.

This picture is from our short (and incredible) time in Bahrain.  Bahrain is where wishes come true.  Want to watch falcons hunt on restricted royal property?  Done.  Care to attend a sacred religious Shi'a mourning festival?  Check. 

We asked.  We received.  All thanks to our good friend May and her awesome family and friends.  I know that the boy and I are so saddened by the trauma that Bahrain is experiencing at the moment.  It's a beautiful country rich in culture and religion and it hurts to see it in disarray.  We actually loved our time there so much that upon our return to Korea I immediately began to search for teaching positions there, and you all know how much I love Korea!

The picture above is one of the many that we captured while taking a tour of the royal falcon hospital, where May's father works as vet.   The boy's father is actually a published author and his book, The Falcon Rises fostered his passion for the art of falconry.  We jokingly had asked May if her father could show us an actual falcon hunt, and we were flabbergasted when she made it possible.  Check that bad boy off the Bucket List.

I'm going to include more than one photo just because it was a once in a lifetime experience... and the pictures are awesome.  I'll even post the little video we made to document the whole story.

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