Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our Sunday in Pictures.

We were lazy buggers all weekend.  We've been fighting off all kinds of allergies and germs from the itty bitties this week.  We were completely exhausted once Friday rolled around and decided to lay low this weekend as we'll be spending the following two up in Seoul.

We spent the day walking around Jukdo Market, drinking coffee, and watching Jeon Woo Chi at a local DVD bang. 

What's a DVD bang, you ask?  It's a honeycomb-like den where one can go to watch a movie for relatively cheap. You get your own private room complete with a huge leather sofa, big screen tv, and unlimited sugary popcorn.  There are shelves upon shelves chock-full of movies from all over the world.  It will cost around $10/movie- depending on how many people you can shove into one room.  It's more intimate than watching a movie in the theater, and it's better than attempting to watch the at home on our laptops. 

The movie was high-larious and I highly recommend it to anyone who can access it.  Make sure that English subtitles are available or else you'll need a decent grasp of the Korean language.  Also, when entering a DVD bang make sure the heavy smell of Lysol is present.  Apparently young Korean couples head there to um... you know, "study".

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