Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday by the hour.

10 am.  The whole family woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Well, Ares was at least. 

11 am.  We headed to our good friends Corey and Paul's casa (lemon poppy seed muffins in tow) to have ourselves a delicious brunch.  I've discovered while living in Korea that I really love brunching.  There's little to no breakfast food here in general, so it's always nice to have a little homemade brunch with friends.

12 pm.  Being that it was Sunday and a lazy day of rest; we let our food settle while watching The Green Mile.  I had trouble finding a matching pair of socks this morning.  I still find it strange that we were given a free pair of Obama socks when Chris bought a vest at a local store.  But hey, free socks!  Who wouldn't want free socks?

 1 pm. We headed out in search of something new.  We originally had planned to go bowling but realized it was too pretty of a day to spend indoors.  We found this big guy instead.  He is by far the biggest dog that I've seen in Korea.  Most people have a little teacup Maltese.  I prefer Chewbacca here. 

2 pm. We decided to walk around a part of town we hadn't really explored.  We kind of happened upon a docked Korean naval ship.  It just so happens that this ship is the sister ship to the Cheonan, the ship that was torpedoed last March.  46 crew members were killed.  Visitors are able to board the sister ship and take a look around at life as a Korean sailor.  There are also a few rooms dedicated to the lives that were lost when the Cheonan went down. 

3 pm. We found a nearby park and decided to take a little look around.  We ended up finding a great place for our next b.b. gun war and got a little exercise in between. 

4 pm.  Headed down to Jukdo Market to get supplies for our Sunday Roast.  I capitalize it because it's apparently very popular to have a "Sunday Roast" in England.  My family usually barbecues but I am not one to turn down a delicious Sunday Roast.  We ended up buying some fresh broccoli, strawberries, and mandarins.

4:30 pm.  Had to stop to get one of my favorite treats.  Fish shaped pastries filled with a warm cream.  Nommy nom nom.

5 pm. We headed back to Corey and Paul's only to discover that we were "knackered" (they're British).  We might've slipped into a mini-coma while Paul serenaded us with his musical talent. 

6 pm. We had a deeelicious Sunday Roast.  Corey prepared a fantastic chicken with roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables.  I don't even like steamed carrots and I gobbled mine up.  I think Sunday Roast is going to have to be a weekly thing.  Can you have a Sunday Roast any day of the week?

7 pm.  The boy and I head home after a quick stop at a local stationary store.  I pick up the newest book I've received and I cannot put it down.  You should probably go out and get it right now.  Well, after you finish the rest of this post. 

8 pm.  Love him.

9 pm.  Late night run for cat litter and Berninis. 

10 pm. Coffee, sparkling apple cider, cheesecake.

11 pm. You're looking at it ladies and gentlemen. 

Next comes sleep.  Or more of my book.  Hope everyone's Sunday was just as great!


  1. Yay, I love those days, especially in Korea. Where even a lazy/relaxed day can incorporate some adventure because after all, you are living in a foreign country. :) I sometimes struggle with living in the States because that everyday adventure of living in another country is somewhat lacking here. I am happy to be living it vicariously through you guys though. I hope you have a great week!

  2. Thanks! We are trying to enjoy Korea as much as we can before we leave. I can't believe we only have a few months left. I don't even know what to do with myself! :)


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