Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Your Daily Gem.

Well we have some exciting new developments this week.  On Monday our replacements arrived fresh from Canada.  Christie and Brad are starting their first year as ESL teachers in Korea.  w00t w00t.  Christie is joining the Langcon team while Brad will be spending his time at our Boss's other school. 

Today Christie shadowed me through all of my classes.  The students were very inquisitive and had a ton of questions for Christie.  I was a little shocked at a request that Christie and I had from two students.
 Keep in mind, two completely different students in two completely different classes asked the same thing from us. 

Both "incidents" happened in the same fashion.  I would introduce Christie teacher.  The students would then look at Christie, then back at me.  This would be repeated a few times before one would inexplicably shout...

"Tawny teacher.  Christie teacher.  You kiss.  KISS."

Erm, what?! 

Yes.  Two different students around the age of 10 requested that Christie and I kiss.  Kiss each other.  I have NO idea what that's about.  One can only assume that there's been a recent influx of girl-on-girl action on their nightly soap operas. 

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