Saturday, March 19, 2011

Your Daily Gem.

Today's Gem comes from the beau.  Chris now has the task of teaching sweet, angel Jacob.  If you don't remember him, you can visit this post.  He apparently loves Chris and is usually on his best behavior for him.  He's a completely different student now.  He's even nicer to me!

A few days ago, Chris gave his class their daily vocabulary quiz.  When Jacob was finished with his quiz he gave it to Chris so that he could correct it.  He got all of the answers right except for one.  The sentence was, "The bird that you eat on Thanksgiving".  Poor Jacob had written down "hummingbird". 

Chris took out his red correcting pen and began to write the correct answer.  He got the T-U-R in before Jacob snatched the paper from his hand, ran to the back of the classroom, and started to erase his previous answer. 

After a few minutes Jacob approached Chris with his paper.  Chris looked down at the new answer.  Jacob had gone over the red T-U-R in pencil as to appear that it hadn't been corrected at all. 

His new answer?  Turringbird

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