Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A little C&C makeover.

It is with great joy that I give you our brand spanking new website.  The boy has been working tirelessly on this bad boy for over a week and we're so pleased that it's finally up and running.  We decided a few weeks ago that our site needed a little TLC and a remodel, especially with the expedition being only two months away.  

Please take a look for yourself.  We'd love to hear any feedback.  As for me, I think the new site is much easier to maneuver.  Plus we have a slew of new widgets we can use (I really just like using the word "widget").    Also, as soon as we depart I think I'll start blogging exclusively on that site.  It should make things easier for everyone.   I hope you like it!

And if you're keeping track- I've only got one more month left in Korea... and less than two months until we are officially on the Maverick Expedition.  Insert giddy shrieks of glee here. 

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