Monday, April 18, 2011

Your Daily Gem.

I should really change the title of these posts.  They're no longer daily.  They should be titled, "Your once in a while, whenever Tawny feels like it- Gem".  I'm working on it.  My students are still as high-larious as ever but it's so normal for me now that I am rarely caught off guard.

This post is brought to you by Tommy.  He can't be older than 6.  He's a little rascal, let me tell you.  He came to the school a few weeks ago and brought with him little-to-no grasp of the English language.  He spent the first two weeks just repeating everything that I said.  He'd often get in trouble since the other students would tattle on him every time he spoke Korean.  He would then look at me with angel eyes, point to the accuser and shout, "Teacher!  He speak Korean!".  I think it was the first phrase that he learned in English.  

Well someone must have recently taught the kid the word "panties" (it wasn't me this time) because he was using it as every other word.  Green panties.  Dirty panties.  Elephant panties.  I was just so thrilled to see him speaking English that I couldn't help but smile and laugh. 

He caught me laughing and slowly looked me up and down.  He then carefully, in nearly perfect English said, "Teacher.  BIG panties".

Thank you Tommy.  I'm going to go run now. 

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  1. Haaaaaaaaaaaahahaha, oh my gosh. You're the best teacher ever. I love this.


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