Monday, November 1, 2010

The Boy's B-day Weekend.

Well the weekend was awesooome! As you know, it was the beau's birthday and it was jam packed with adventure, suspense, and ticklish feet. I only took about 4 pictures of the whole weekend but I took a sheet-ton of video. Maybe I can convince the boy to make a little somethin'-somethin' to recap the past 2 days.

On Saturday we woke up at the crack-o-dawn to meet up with Corey and Paul and rent a car (yes, we should just buy one) and we drove our sleepy selves to Daegu. Corey and I went to get our hurr did. We went to an amazing Australian hair stylist who spoke English (duhhh) and once worked for Toni and Guy (don't really know who they are, but they're supposedly pretty popular in Europe). It was so nice to be able to fully explain what I wanted done to my hair. It was an added bonus that I could talk to my stylist while getting my hair trimmed. Whew, the little things that you miss eh?

We then took a little stroll around Daegu. We stopped for coffee, beer and a chit-chat, did a little window shopping, and then headed to do THIS:


GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Those are tons of tiny fishies. Tiny fishies that are quite literally eating me. Well, dead parts of my flesh. (Sounds appetizing when I put it that way huh?) And let me tell you, being eaten by any sort of animal doesn't really sound like my idea of fun, but these little suckers could have killed me. Death by tickling. The boy described it as "... being tickled by a hundred delicate fairies... or even being stabbed by a hundred fairies with rubber swords". You literally have tiny mouths just sucking and biting the dead skin off of your feet. Bleh. But it was actually pretty fun (see: funny) and just a teeny bit addicting. You also could help yourself to unlimited toast, jam, coffee and tea. Oh my. We also talked about all the similarities and differences bettwen Corey and Paul and the Captain and I. Let's just say that some of the similarities are fuh-reaky. Down to a distaste of straws and abundance of bobby pins. We even dress alike. Just plain scary. See the polaroid photo below for further evidence.


After our fish feeding frenzy we headed to a tiny hole in the wall for alcoholic drinks in a baggy. Yeah, they're like adult capri suns. They were delicious, and for 5,000 won (less than $5) they were quite the score. Think about it, Rachael Ray could have 8 of them and she would still make her daily budget!

I'm just going to sum up the remainder of Saturday with a few key words.

Getting lost. Costco card. "Do you know Costco?". Heads out the window. Cheddar cheese and bacon. 2 hours perusing Daegu. (see: getting extremely lost). shrieks of joy. Engage fog. Champagne. Hookah. Reisen Fairy. Sleepover.

Yup. Pretty much sums it up.

Sunday (10-10-2010) was the boy's actual birthday and we spent it eating delicious food, ATVing in Kyoungju, and making homemade BLTs. Can't forget the decorated cake either!


All in all, another fantastic weekend to go in the books.

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