Monday, November 1, 2010

I loooooooove...

this Korean tv show! The first time I watched it I was at a local hair salon and I had NO idea what was going on, but I was quite literally crying from laughter. I don't understand a word that they're saying, but the theme of the show is hilarious and it took all of my energy to stifle my fit of the giggles.

From what I gather, two teams of 5 are locked in a famous Korean monument. They're kept there overnight and are forced to perform numerous tasks in order to earn points that'll eventually set them free. Now the tasks have all seemed to vary, but one part remains the same. They always end up playing this intense game of hide-and-seek/capture the flag.

But wait, let me digress. Back to the first episode I ever watched. It appeared that the contestants were locked up in some HUGE indoor theme park. They had to norebang (aka karaoke) while riding a roller coaster! The score that they earned from their song contributed to a certain number of points for their team. That part alone was hilarious and had me dying.

Next came my favorite part of the show. The teams are split: 5 versus 5. All of the contestants have their names on a piece of fabric that is velcroed to their back. (is velcroed even a word?) Team A is in search of certain objects that are hidden throughout the monument. If they collect a certain amount then they win the game. Team B are the seekers. They have these huge bells that are tied to their shoes and they loudly jingle every time they take a step. Team B's goal is to find any members from Team A and rip their nametags off of their shirts. Once their names are off of their backs, they're OUT of the game. If they tag everyone out before the hour is up, they are the winners.

Genius people, genius.

I want to be on this show reeeaaal bad. In fact, it's now on the bucket list. I'm trying to get a video posted on here, but for now you should probably check out this website and watch episode 9. It's my favorite so far.


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