Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

So since the dawn of our relationship the boy and I have been in a heated debate over which season is the best. I've always preferred summer because I'm a local girl. My family has deep roots in Hawaii and when I think of summer I think of Hawaiian summers with shave ice, malasadas, trips to North Shore, pineapples, beaches, TANNING, and my amazing family. (I really could go on forever). Chris, however, is an autumn guy. He loves the cold (I do not), he can't stand being in the sun (uh, what?) , and all of his favorite holidays and his birthday are in the fall.

Now don't look too far into this. I'm only going to say it on here once. The thing is, after spending two consecutive autumns away from home I kind of, sort of, just a teensy bit realized that... I miss it. A LOT. Okay, a lot A LOT. I might even go as far as say that Autumn might be nearing the top of my list. I mean, look at it. For starters, my favorite holiday of all time is in Autumn. (THAANNKKKSSSGIVING!!!) My birthday is in autumn. Halloween is in autumn, and while I'm not a huge Halloween fan, I LOVE all of the cool things that come with it including but not limited to: hayrides, pumpkin patches, pumpkin carving, corn mazes, pumpkin pie lattes, candy, and dressing up. I also love fall clothes. I love scarves and boots and hats and fall colors and omgtothewheee I really love fall!

did i say love? LIKE. I guess I like fall. a lot.

So as I realized this today, I decided to post on my facebook that I missed all of these things and was a little homesick for autumn back home. I really just wanted to go to a pumpkin patch, pick out my pumpkin and go on a hayride with the beau.

Why am I telling you all of this? To boast. Because when I got home at around 9 pm tonight I got a call from the boy telling me that I needed to hurry and run downstairs because "they're going to close soon". I was definitely confused and I thought he needed help picking out the onion I sent him to the grocery store for. I ran downstairs and found him outside. He grabbed me by the hand and told me that he called "this place" and they said they would stay open just for me but that we had to hurry. We ran a circle around our entire neighborhood (in the dark) as he was telling me all of this and then we stopped right in front of the vacant lot next to our apartment building. "Now I don't think there's very many left, but you should go out and pick whatever pumpkin you want." Lo and behold, in the middle of this abandoned lot is a lone, beautiful pumpkin just waiting to be "picked".


Yeah. I'm a blessed, blessed girl. To make it even better, when we came home from our "pumpkin patch" he made delcious hot apple cider (with real cinnamon) and we had all of the fixins to make burritos. I was even able to make a yummy taco salad!


In conclusion, it might be another fall away from home, but I'm a very blessed and happy girl. Look! I even have a freaky zombie kitten to prove it!


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