Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Weekend in Pictures.

We had yet another amazing weekend.  We spent the majority of our weekend hanging out with our amazeballs Korean friends.  We've been so blessed to meet the Korean friends that we have.   They're all extraordinary.  Seriously.  For example, on Friday night we met up with a young Korean man that we happened to encounter at our favorite local hof, Fish and Grill.  His name is MJ and he's a 27 year old physicist.  A PHYSICIST.  Um, the man is quite literally brilliant and he speaks amazing English.  We went out to our favorite samgyupsal restaurant and then fittingly ended the night over soju cocktails at Fish and Grill. 

Saturday was spent eating and drinking with our Hapkido Master (Master Sim), his wife Eri, our good friend Sarah Willey, and Master Sim's hapkido buddy, Mister Park.  We went to three different restaurants and just ate and drank and drank and ate and drank.  That's pretty much what happens every time we go out with Master Sim. 

Delicious and spicy dokbokgi
Everyone needs "goog frinds"!
Sarah Willey is a black belt now!
Round 2: chokchok galbi

Congratulatory shot for passing her black belt test!
Eri has such tiny hands!

Round 3: Wrapped fish (a Pohang specialty) and galbi burger.

So yeah.  We end up drinking quite a bit when we go out with Master Sim.  You know... the whole, "don't refuse a shot from your superior" can get you pret-ty drunk when your superior loves his soju. 

Today (Sunday) was pretty low-key.  We headed down town to try a new Italian restaurant that we've walked by a few times.  Pohang has a ton of Italian restaurants.  It's a little ridiculous.  We lack any Mexican, Thai, or Indian restaurants which happen to be my favorites, but we have Italian coming out of our ears!  The place was good and relatively inexpensive.  I can foresee many a meals being had at Mary's Italian.

He's a looker.
It was deeeelicious. Yummy yummy nom nom nom.

And I quote, "Lead a life full of tears and regrets"
Not really sure what my drink glass was supposed to mean.  I'm not too sure that I want to live a life full of tears and regrets.  Actually, I'm positive that I don't want to live a life full of tears and regrets.  Where do they get that shiz? Seriously.

After lunch I did a little shopping for an orphanage in Gumi.  Gumi is about 3 hours away from Pohang and the mister and I were asked if we'd like to sponser a few children for their annual Christmas party.  Um, duh.  We jumped at the chance.  We were asked to buy Christmas presents for a girl (age 16) and a boy (age 11).  It was actually a lot harder than I thought.  I wanted so desperately to give them both something amazing but there was a limit on what we could spend on each child.  We grappled with the idea of going over, but we didn't want any of the other children to feel left out.  In the end, we only went over a little (come on, how could you not?) and I think they'll enjoy their little gifts of love. 

Someone thought all the gifts were for him.
And yes, we ended the day with some delicious and easy ramen.  Mmm tastes like college.  Hope everyone had a great weekend as well.  Oh, and get ready... the boy and I want to have a little "giveaway" sometime soon!


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