Friday, December 10, 2010

To put faces to their names...

Here's a little clippity clip of some of the kiddos that I teach.  You'll actually get to see what Andy, Isaac and Jenny look like as they're regularly featured in my "Your Daily Gem" posts.  These kids are awesome and they like to keep every day interesting and different.  If you haven't read my posts on them or don't remember, you should probably click here or here or here.

You'll also meet Leon.  I had a [horribly drawn] giraffe on the white board and I was asking my students to come up with adjectives to describe my giraffe.  Olivia has said, "long neck", Tara added, "short tail" and Leon said, "Teacher, your giraffe has a big booty".  These kids make my day.  for real.
I apologize for my annoying teacher voice and shaky camera skills in advance.  

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