Monday, January 24, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday

Okay okay I'm late.  It's technically Monday night in Korea, but we live in the future so I'm really not that  behind.

Our weekend was awesome.  We are saving pennies for our big expedition, our 3 year anniversary, and our next big vacation so we've been attempting to lay low for the next few weeks.  We spent most of Saturday at home.  I cooked a little pasta bake (you can find the recipe here) and then the boy and I headed over to our friend's house for a big potluck and game night with all the other Pohang foreigners.  It was good fun!

We also managed to take a few pictures of us "Steppin' Out".  Here's what we wore.

Shirt: UGIZ
Tank top: Style Lab
Pants: F21
Jacket: Buckaroo
Beanie: Style Lab

Ensemble: Hapkido Katana Uniform

(Okay.  So he didn't really wear it all day but he did go out and practice in it)

Sunday was spent chillaxin' at home.  My friend Claire and I are going to try to get back into marathon training but it's just too frigid right now.  You think I'm making excuses, but really it's the coldest weather that Korea's experienced in over 100 years.  Take that.  I'm really just lazy. 

So there you have it, our weekend.  I promise that we'll have more to talk about over the next few days! 

Foreigners Unite!

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