Friday, March 11, 2011

Your Daily Gem.

So this week has been a very busy one for us at work.  We've gotten so many new students and it's been hectic trying to keep track of our new schedules.  I haven't had as many Daily Gems lately and I attribute it to the fact that I no longer teach Andy, Isaac, and Jenny.  Those kids gave me most of my material.  However, one of my newest students, Jackson gave me this little treat...

We were talking about fiction and non-fiction and our book asked us if "The Life and Times of Robert Kennedy" was fiction or non-fiction.  This prompted this question from Jackson.

"Teacher!  You know Obama?" -Jackson

"Yes, I do know of President Obama." -Me

"Teacher, you know Obama big erection?" -Jackson

"Um, I'm sorry.  What?!" -Me

"Obama erection, teacher.  You see the erection in America?  You vote?" -Jackson

"Ohhhhh... the election.  E-L-ECTION.  Yes." -Me

Those L's and R's sure can be tricky.

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